Elements on Superconductors

Topics: Nervous system, Neuron, Semiconductor Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Every material that is used by scientists has three important properties. The type of atoms that material is made of is important. Materials are split up into two types, neutral elements and compound elements. Neutral elements have the exact same number of protons and electrons, thus canceling each other out and making the material neutral. The way that the atoms are arranged is also important. This determines how the element will interact with others. Lastly the way that the atoms are bonded to each other is essential. This determines the structure and strength of the material. Silicon based semiconductors have become a major part of our society. Of all of the inventions in the last century the silicon semiconductor is arguably one of the most influential. This component has allowed technology to enhance and expand at an astonishing rate. You will find semiconductors at the core of every microchip as well as almost all transistors. Any object that is computerized depends on these semiconductors. Silicon is the basis of these semiconductors and a key component in all modern electronics. The use of silicon has allowed for the creation of microelectronics, which has completely revolutionized the computing industry within the past three decades. The use of silicon based semi conductors have led to the Information Age The biggest advantage of using silicon in electronics is that many silicon based devices can be built on a micron scale and placed on a single micro chip, giving the electronic a high processing power while cutting down on the size. The microchip consists of a set of interconnected electronics that are placed on a small chip of semiconducting material like silicone. It is due to this scale ability that microchips are used in the majority of all new technology. Microchips are placed in objects like cars, phones, computers and even clothing. Microchips can be considered the same thing as integrated circuits. The differences however is that microchips...

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