Dyadic Interviews and Applications of Concepts

Topics: Communication, Personality psychology, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Within my three interviews, I focused most of my objectives towards understanding my favorite subject of this class: Relationships. I interviewed people with the initials LD, BJ, and PO. So I could spread out the IPC concepts, I asked LD about her interpersonal needs, which is a persons specific feelings and reactions to situations. PO and I discussed his strengths in interpersonal communication, which is the ability to communicate with your peers. Finally I asked BJ about her self-concept, which is her view of herself. After all my information was gathered, I found that personality traits according to relationships cannot always match your first impressions of my classmates.

My first interview, LD, I met through a friend earlier in the year. She is a very fun person to go out with and is always the life of the party. When I sat down to interview her, I discussed the symmetrical and complimentary needs, which are the needs two different needs you have in a relationship, as well as the significant amount of trust that came with the relationship between her and her ex boyfriend of a few months. Complementary vs Symmetrical needs can be problematic in IP relationships.

I believe LD’s main attraction to her boyfriend was based on trust and possibly some physical. Her boyfriend, Eric applied to three of the four concepts of trust. The couple became dependent upon each other years before they started dating by relying on each other to hang out until the late hours of the night, even during school nights. Minor trust became a factor once LD left for college here at WVU. Eventually the two developed their trust enough to share major secrets and other details on life. The only aspect that did agree was their proportionality of loss to gains: LD had caught her boyfriend cheating on her once before while at a party. This caused her to question his every move and caused new tension in their relationship. This distrust in each other was the eventual cancer to their...
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