Do You Think That Advertising Influence Teens?

Topics: Education, Psychology, Adolescence Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Do you think that advertising influence teens? You have probably come across this question a dozen times in your life but could never come up with a conclusion, right? Well being a teenager myself, I strongly believe that it does not affect teenagers as an individual point of view and based on the information I have gathered; which consists of poverty and the awareness that schools bring to students. When you read “poverty” you were probably thinking, what that is supposed to mean. What I mean when I say poverty is places in the world such as Haiti and Chile are in a financial crisis, in a position where they can hardly afford food, put aside the cost of advertising. In a country where the teenagers are oblivious to what advertising is they will not be affected. Another part of what I meant was, not everyone even in developed countries is wealthy, just because we live in a society where we can afford our wants and needs doesn’t mean everyone is like that. People can’t afford to get food on their tables and the kids are aware of that, so they are ignorant towards the ads they see on a daily basis. Additionally, schools have introduced a whole new subject on media/advertising. The teachers spend periods educating all the students the ways ads affect our behavior, both positively and negatively. They inform us about all the techniques the ad designers’ use. They basically show us manipulative features and unrealistic features, for example they will show a feature in a way you will never be able to use it and they do not inform you about the negatives. After you are taught about all the untruthful techniques used by ad producers, you know what is coming your way and you ignore the ads you see every day. In conclusion, I came to a decision that advertisements do not affect teenagers, based on a personal experience and the information I have gathered from databases.
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