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Research Graphic Organizer: Part 1

Topic: Technology
Questions to research: Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? And, are they ethical? My Response:
Most advertisements aimed at teenagers are effective, but usually are not ethical. Most marketers have many ways of gathering information on teenagers spending habits and what is most important to teens. With this information they’re able to create advertisements that will appeal to most teens and create profit. Many people argue that some or most of these ads aren’t ethical because they will create a problem or insecurity and then give the solution to that problem in the form of their product.

Teens will listen to other teens in ads. http://www.utalkmarketing.com/pages/article.aspx?articleid=14465&title=teens-will-listen-to-other-teens-in-ads Central Idea: The most effective ads show teens using and enjoying a product. The least effective were those that caused an emotional response. A teen’s acceptance of ads varies according to the media platform. The medium with the lowest teen ad acceptance was texting. The “Teen Advertising Study”, compiled with the help of the University of Massachusetts, showed that teens were more susceptible to online ads if they could relate to it and if they found it funny.

Advertising to Teens
Central Idea: Marketers love teens because they easily spend money on “luxury” items such as clothing, electronics, and music. They mostly make their purchase decisions independently, have significant influence on family purchases, and companies know that once they have “branded” a child, they are likely to be customers for life. They reach kids by advertising in magazines, movies, TV shows, and on the internet. Companies get info about kids spending habits from internet “quizzes” and “surveys”. Marketers know how to capitalize on important teen issues and anxieties, like body image, peer acceptance, coolness, and need for power. Marketers often use a theme or attitude like sex or alcohol and drug use that seems to raise the “coolness factor” of their product. Advertising is so effective because it creates insecurities about things such as appearance. Successful ads convince the viewer that they have a problem and then offer the solution, which is the product they’re selling. This gives off the messages that teens aren’t good enough the way they are and many kids unwillingly buy into that message which is causing kids to grow up in the most materialistic society we’ve ever had. Most of the things that are advertised to teens do not promote healthy development.

Advertising targets, affect teens http://www.waterloo.k12.ia.us/schoolsites/thespectator/advertising-targets-affects-teens Central Idea: In one year, teens view more than 40,000 ads on TV alone while also being exposed to ads on the internet, in magazines, and in schools. Teens are often the main target for marketers because they are always willing to spend money on the newest “luxury” items. Teens strive to have the newest electronics, clothing, and other overly advertised items. Marketers know how to target teen issues such as body image, peer pressure, and the need for acceptance. On average, teens are exposed to 3,000 ads per day. Teenagers, on average, spend $155 billion per year on advertised products, also influencing their parents to spend another $200 billion per year. Recent studies have shown tobacco companies use their ads to target teens as young as 13-years-old. Another major advertiser is the alcohol industry, using ads that feature young, attractive people drinking or posing with their beverages. Ads affect teen psychologically by exposing them to ads that suggest they are not what the entertainment business considers attractive. Ads can be harmful to teens by lowering their self-esteem.

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