Advertising: Make the Consumer Believe They Are Superior When They Buy That Product

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Advertisers persuade people into buying their products by making the advertisement appealing to the consumer. By relating alluring experiences that in most cases have nothing to do with the product at all. It is a psychological strategy that advertisers use to make the consumer believe that by buying the product they will be superior or they will get some kind of satisfaction out of it. Researchers have found a way to discover codes hidden in advertisements that make the unconscious mind want to buy the product. Advertisers relate the products to pleasurable experiences and they use emotional branding to make money.
Researchers study the right language to sell a product or idea by trying to figure out a code to the unconscious mind of why people actually buy the product. According to (Clotaire Rapaille) from “The Persuaders” advertisers know how Americans feel about the product, “there are unconscious associations with every product that we buy”.” Every word has an unconscious code in every mind marketers understand the real need of the customer sometimes unspoken and they deliver give me want we want”. Marketers try to connect their products to the consumers they are persuasive and they have plenty of selling strategies to get to people to buy something. They relate the product to a certain group of people for example, there was an advertisement that was shown on the film “The Persuaders” that made a connection with happy people saying that Song a new airline is for happy people. It could be very difficult to get around in this world with a degree of self- awareness as to what’s happening because all these messages are trying to move us to act and make choices on an emotional level and probably the best way to not fall into this trap that advertisers put consumers into is not to believe in the advertisements. (Rusgkoff, Persuaders)
Advertisers capture the attention of teens by relating cool or pleasurable experiences to products. They obtain their attention by

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