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Add a formal body paragraph with evidence in the space provided below. Include previous sections into this document before submitting this Research Graphic Organizer. Choose a topic: Technology; Sports Equipment; Clothing; Food Questions to research: Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? And, are they ethical? My Response: I think advertisements aimed at teenagers are effective. Most of today’s social media is filled with teens. Many of the teen population today also have jobs of their own which enable them to purchase something they like when they see it and if they want it more than likely they will get it if they’re able to themselves. Also, if a teen sees something on an advertisement and they get it then there’s a chance than another teen may see them with and want it. It could create a chain reaction. Most advertisements for technology that are aimed towards teenagers. The ads want to advertise something that would be advanced for teens. Sources

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Teens in the Crosshairs: Is Targeted Marketing Ethical?http://www.american.edu/americantoday/campus-news/20110914-Kogod-Now-Targeted-Marketing.cfm September 14, 2011 technology marketing is making more advanced applications for teen

Thesis Statement:
Advertisements that are aimed at teenagers are very effective, however they are not ethical because they go after teenager’s desire to have what everyone else has, this happens often in the technology industry. Conclusion:

In conclusion I believe technology ads are effective because they help the company, making the ads effective, The company is able to sell a large selection of technology and the people are able to gain this selection through the company. The fact that the ads helps the company earn money off teens makes them effective.

Body Paragraph:
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