Do We Put Too Much Emphasis on Self-Reliance and Independence, and Are We Afraid of Admitting That We Need Other People in Our Lives?

Topics: Emotion, Need, Interdependence Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Do we put too much emphasis on self-reliance and independence, and are we afraid of admitting that we need other people in our lives? 6. Independences and self-reliance is being overexposed and I believe that this can increase the percentage of people having depression and isolation because sometimes the idea of independence brings us to the point of “that if I talk to this person or if I do that, I will no longer be independent” but what is independence? Is it not having to rely on someone to look after you, is it is the liberation of living under someone’s rules, or is it the maturity of growing up? I believe it is all of the above. Independence is a sign of growing up, maturity, freedom but if taken to seriously it will make you look immature and you will feel trapped. 4. It is true that excessive dependence can be a sign of weakness instead of maturity but excessive independence can be a symptom of isolation because it overused in the hope of feeling of being empowered, doing things for yourself thus making you crave for more and more until you have become isolated because of wanting to be “too independent”. 5. I can relate on being excessively independent. I went through this stage in life that I felt that I didn’t need anybody in my life and I could do things by myself. I started to slowly exclude my friends and family from my life, until I realized that I was alone. Instead of being happy because I had freedom and independence like I have always wanted and dreamed of, instead I felt contrary. I felt sad, angry even for wanting this but I sucked it up. I was getting sadder and sadder, until finally I just couldn’t hold together any longer and I had an emotional break down. I realized that I need people in my life and that everybody is interdependent of each other; so I reached out to people and got my life back. And I still feel independent, even when I reach out to people for help because I know that independence means to take action instead of waiting...
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