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Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 4 (620 words) Published: April 24, 2013
c2 Why do I need to plan?

Children who begin their education in a learning environment that is vibrant, purposeful, challenging and supportive stand the best chance of developing into confident and successful learners. Effective learning environments are created over time as the result of practitioners and parents working together, thinking and talking about children's learning and planning how to promote it. Good planning is the key to making children's learning effective, exciting, varied and progressive. Good planning enables practitioners to build up knowledge about how individual children learn and make progress. It also provides opportunities for practitioners to think and talk about how to sustain a successful learning environment. This process works best when all practitioners working in the setting are involved. Practitioners who work alone will benefit from opportunities to discuss their plans with others working in similar settings.

C3- Professional standards when working with children the practitioner should always promote independence or develop an empowering practice this may be done through training that will assist them to promote independence and empower service users in a professional and confident manner.

The Role of the Support Worker - clarity of role, defining professional boundaries

Power and Empowerment - the importance of empowerment when working with vulnerable people

Working in Partnership with Service Users - strengths and limitations

Social Inclusion - developing networks

Promoting an understanding of a theoretical basis for creating independence - including the Strength Model and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

Developing Skills and Professional Practice

Managing stress

Course covers the following areas:

The Causes of Stress - triggers, impact (both physically and emotionally), positive and negative effects

Responsibilities for Managing stress - the agency, line managers, individual workers, legal...
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