Coping with Stress Management

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JULY 29,2010

Stress Management

“LOOK AT THE POSSIBLE REASONS WHY SOMETHING HAPPENED (POSSIBLE CAUSES) AND ITS CONSEQUENCES(EFFECTS ,BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE)”(Carter, Bishop, Kravitz, 2007) What are the Causes and Effects of Stress ? Everyone has experienced stress at some time in their lives and the cause of some of the most common causes of stress would be Bereavement, Family problems, Financial matters ,Illness Job issues ( If one was to define stress you will find that Stress is an emotionally disruptive or unsettling condition of our minds that occurs as a result of adverse external influences.(

We all react differently to stressful situations. What one person finds stressful another may not at all. Almost anything can cause stress and it has different triggers. For some people, on some occasions, just thinking about something, or several small things that accumulate, can cause stress. (

A person can get so wrapped up in trying to please everyone else that they fail to take care of themselves ignoring the signs of stress can cause damage such as anxiety, depression, exhaustion and frustration…( it was stress on the job or stress at home, even stress at school. We all have to find some ways to alleviate this problem.

Medical News Today tells how stress can be diagnosed the diagnosis of stress depends on many factors and is complex, say experts. A wide range of approaches to stress diagnosis have been used by health care professionals, such as the use of questionnaires, biochemical measures, and physiological techniques. Experts add that the majority of...
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