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I happened to talk to one of my friends in the mess regarding sadness. These are his words. " dukhi hone ka bhi apna alag hi mazaa hai. Khushi to ek phuljhadi ki tarah hoti hai jo thodi der main khatam ho jaati hai, par dukh ek agarbatti ki tarah bahut der tak chalta hai" (happiness lasts for a very short time but sadness lasts for a very long time). A line from Eric Erikson's theory of eight stages of man. " Teething seems to have a prototypal significance and may well be the model for the masochistic...

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Sadness Essay

Essay on Sadness What is sadness? Sadness is, contrary to popular belief, a natural emotion or feeling. People feel sadness whenever they lose something that they previously enjoyed such as someone they loved, or something as simple as a stuffed animal. This particular emotion is actually good for you. It offers relief from the pain of the loss and it gives you some measure of the importance of what you've lost. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury strives to create a society that lives in the absence...

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Beauty and Sadness

Beauty and Sadness Literary Background: A Hawaiian of Chinese and Korean ancestry, Cathy Song centers her verse on island themes and activities and understated pastoral settings. Her language is Standard English inset with words and phrases from Pacific and Asian sources. She has gained credence for lifting the mundane from homely backgrounds to produce a lyric strangeness offset by teasing and, at times, startling analogies. The poem “Beauty and Sadness” is one of the poems in Cathy Song’s...

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Sadness and White Elephants

favor of the abortion.The boy in” Araby” experiences sadness because, he adores his love from a distance, which also brings him sadness because he cannot open up and express his feelings to the girl as it would seem awkward. His constant thoughts about the girl as a result, interfere with his school work, and are present in every aspect of his life. Sadly the girl doesn't really notice him. In “hills like white Elephants” the girl meets sadness as it becomes clear to her that she is not important...

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Cecil Bonstein's It Will Grow Again: Sadness through a Color

Liam Shiels Mr. Forsyth ENG- 3U 14 February 2013 Sadness Through a Colour In Cecil Bonstein’s short story, “It Will Grow Again”, the colour grey is used to symbolize sadness, the life of the narrator revolves around the colour grey, but throughout the story the grey fades away making life easier to live. The narrator first witnesses the colour grey “on a dull day” where everywhere he looks he seems to find “grey in the workshop, grey outside, everyone in a grey...

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Human Sadness Julian Casablancas Rhetorical Analysis

The topic of sadness is a broad one: the reasons that bring upon the sadness, how an individual copes with the pain, and how long it lasts. It is an emotion that everyone feels, but experiences differently. The song ‘Human Sadness’ written by Julian Casablancas and Alex Carapetis (of Julian Casablancas & the Voidz) tries to encompass these feelings, mainly with rhetorical strategies and expert writing. The song cryptically brings up Casablancas’ personal reasons for his sadness, for example his parents’...

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Narrative Essay. A Day of Mixed Happiness and Sadness

despite the concealed feelings of sadness and nostalgia, we had some moments of fun and amusement when some of our female classmates brought some humorous evaluations they had prepared about the personalities of most of us. But as we began to talk about our farewell and asked each other to write down some memorable notes in their notebooks as well, feelings got triggered until some eyes filled with tears and the hearts of all became full of mixed happiness and sadness, hopes and disappointments...

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Film Appreciation "Unbreakable"

first morning that I didn’t open my eyes and feel sadness.” David thought that Elijah had an answer for him. How did he get out of the train unscaved and harmed. Was there more to it than just luck? Elijah and David meet again. This time it was the evening after his son was going to shoot him. Joseph wanted to prove David could not be harmed and the bullet from the gun would just bounce off him. Back at the store Elijah stated, “that little bit of sadness…you spoke of, I think I know what that is. Perhaps...

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elizabeth bishop sestina

Elizabeth Bishop’s “Sestina” is a captivating poem filled with depictions that take the reader to the valleys of sadness and unresolved grief. The poem symbolizes the dynamics of an ongoing life as well as the powers of memory and an unsettled sense of loss. Beyond presenting sadness, the poem conveys the inter-generational challenges posed by a sense of loss and unresolved grief. The writer draws the reader into the poem through her use of personification of inanimate items and associating human...

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Mole Project

Sadness and Depression Lauren Shipman Block 4 Mr.Devine English 11 H 3/9/14 Sunday, March 9, 14 Sadness in Catcher in the Rye Catcher in the Rye is a book of many themes of many different types of different things Sadness is one of them. The main character of the book is Holden Caulfield, he has major problems, he finds nearly everything depressing. Today we’d say that Holden Clinically is depressed. He has no reason to be so sad all the time. He’s alone and he knows it, he also ...

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