Unit 4222-216

Topics: Need, Want, Individual Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Unit 4222-216
Support independence in the tasks of daily living.
Outcome 1 Understand principles for supporting independence in the tasks of daily living Individuality:
Assumptions should never be made about an individual. They should never have to fit in with you or your employer. Individuals should be allowed and supported to make their own choices. Care and support needs should be tailored to suit each individual. This shows respect by preserving the individual’s dignity and individuality. Their personal beliefs should be respected. Independence:

Allow the individuals you support to do things for themselves, however small. Being independent does not necessarily mean being completely alone, but being supported to do things for themselves. Take time to enable the individuals you support to be independent. Don’t do things for them cause it is quicker. Support them to do things that they can do or almost do. Independence makes people feel in control of their lives and gives them a sense of self-worth. Talking about Individual’s privacy:

You should always ask permission before entering an individual’s room. Always knock on their door. All visitors must ask permission before entering rooms respective of who they are. Close doors when performing personal hygiene but first check the individual is apply with you doing so. Every individual should have time and spaces to do things in private if they should wish to, for example, meeting friends and family or making phone calls. Outcome 2 Be able to establish what support is required for daily living tasks Your role as a care and support worker is to provide this supporting role to individuals and enable them to live their lives the way they want to. The individuals you support may have different circumstances to you but they still have the same rights as you and your friends and family do, to make the same choices, and do the same things. The only difference is that some individuals will need more care and...
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