Different Communication Style

Topics: Canada, Difference, Nonverbal communication Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Different Communication Styles
People come from different countries they have diverse communication styles, because they have their own history and culture. There are several differences in communication styles between Canada and China. The first difference is using language. Canadians express their opinions directly. For example, the students in Canada have critical views to evaluate textbooks and tutors. By contrast, most Chinese are too shy to give their disagreements. For instance, the students in China use euphemistic words to express their different ideas, and also they rarely suspect the opinions in textbooks. The communication styles in Canada and China are different in using body language and facial expressions. Canadians use more postures and gestures in conversation than Chinese. Therefore, they can make their thoughts more clear and interesting. However, there are less postures and gestures in dialogues between Chinese. As a result of, they think using more body language and facial expressions will show them not mature and respectful. Lastly, the communicational ways in Canada are not same as China. In Canada, people can easily get familiar to each other. For instance, most people through talk the weather to make them familiar. On the contrary, in China most individuals do not like to talk with strangers, but if you have any problems, they will be very helpful. In addition, they have dining culture which is the best way to get people together. In conclusion, the countries both have their own traditional culture that influences local people, so that communication styles are different between Canada and China.

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