Christmas Controversy and Great Chance

Topics: Christmas controversy, Holidays, Holiday Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: January 14, 2013
My Holidays
Two weeks ago, everyone was looking forward to this Christmas holiday. It was a great chance for people to relax! We could meet our families and friends during the holiday. For some people, it might be interesting to go on vacations. But for me, the holidays were not enjoyed. It was not what I had expected.

Unlike China, the winter break here is way shorter. I used to have almost a month for winter holiday. When I was in China, I and my families always went on vacations. Also, the closest families beside my parents are mostly in China. Now, in Canada my parents could not spend that much time with me during the holidays. That is the reason why I think the holiday in Canada seems to be a bit boring.

At the beginning, I had planned my own holiday. First, I would like to prepare for a Christmas party. When the Christmas came, I wish to celebrate with all my best friends and my families in my place. Then I will do some shopping on Boxing Day, buying stuffs I want with an amazing prize. In the rest of the holidays, I can go on a short vacation. These were all the things I wanted to do on the holidays.

Anyway, it did not turn out the way I wanted, and my whole plan was screwed up. Some of my friends that I had invited could not come to my party. Even my best friend Amy who had promised to come didn’t show up. Things were cheap on the Boxing Day, but I had not found what I want. Even the vacation was cancelled for some reasons.

The holiday became boring and disappointing after all these random things happened unexpectedly. Therefore, I had to stay home most of the holidays. And I spend a lot of time on my computer by watching movies and TV series. I still had to keep going to my tutor. Even though, this holidays was bored but I still learned how to be more independent. However, I still looking forward...
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