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Topics: Canada, Chinese language, Overseas Chinese Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Nowadays, immigration has become a popular trend in this modern society. It is evident that Canada has become one of the most popular immigration countries. However, it is evident that the second largest group in Canada is Chinese who were born in China or immigrated early in the past few years. From my perspective, due to the length of time that they lived in Canada, they view themselves as authentic Canadians and they hope that they can be considered as authentic Canadians. Firstly, the Chinese Canadians was a group who are in the third space. Secondly, the Chinese who were born in Canada have assimilated into the western culture. The Chinese Canadian does not belong to the Canadian or to the Chinese. Firstly, in their mind, they hold the view that they are Canadians; however, their family is quite traditional. From The Jade Peony, Poh-Poh said to Jook-Liang, “War over?”Grandmother chuckled, shifting her dialect.

“Always war in China.
First, bandit wars in South China, Communist—Gung Chang—wars everywhere, and all those sun-cursed Japanese dogs yapping into North China...” I thought of the newsreels, smoke and bombs: Europe and Germany were at war. Britain was at war. The Chinese were forever at war with the Japanese invaders. War everywhere but here in Chinatown.

“There’s no war in Canada,” I said. “This is Canada.” Poh-Poh sighed deeply, gave me a condescending look.
“You not Canada, Liang,” she said, majestically, “you China. Always war in China.” (Choy 34)
From that, it can be easily seen that Poh-Poh is in a typical role of traditional Chinese Canadian. Although Jook-Liang always emphasizes that she is a Canadian, Poh-Poh uses her traditional concepts to protest that. Furthermore, Poh-Poh puts her old concepts to Jook-Liang, which causes her to be confused about whether she should be an authentic Canadian or not. Thus, the Chinese Canadian may be influenced by their family members to become a person in the third space. In the second place,...

Cited: Choy, Wayson.The Jade Peony. Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 1995.Print.
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