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Vancouver Vancouver  is a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. The 2011 census recorded more than 603,000 people in the city, making it the eighth largest among Canadian cities.] The metropolitan area, with more than 2.3 million residents, is the third most populous metropolitan area in the country] and the most populous in Western Canada. With 5,249 people per square kilometre (13,590 per sq mile), the City of Vancouver is the most densely populated Canadian municipality...

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Vancouver riots

 The Vancouver Riots, a Moral Deficit English 1100 The article “Vancouver Hockey Riot is a symptom of a Larger Problem” by Adrian Mack and Miranda Wilson is a public interest essay which comments on how the Vancouver hockey riots of 2011 began, by describing the decadence of the behavior of some Canuck fans, and the lack moral fibre in our society at large. Mack and Wilson portray...

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Vancouver homelessness research essay

recent Economist “Livability Ranking and Overview, August, 2012” study, the city of Vancouver is ranked third most livable city in the world. However, what the report fails to mention is the 33 years of homelessness on Vancouver’s streets. Unfortunately, it has taken 29 years to stabilize and reduce Vancouver’s homeless problem. According to, Mayor Gregor Robertson, “We’ve seen a big drop in street homelessness in Vancouver over the past four years, with a 62 percent decrease since 2008”. To understand...

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Crp to Timothy Egan the Good Rain

marked Puget Sound onto the map. He started his travel heading up the Pacific Coast and then to the south to an inland sea and an enormous volcano which is named Rainier. Before Puget Sound was discovered, Vancouver always thought that wild land was evil land, bad before it was civilized but Vancouver belief had changed by the time he found the garden of Puget Sound. Then, he wrote perhaps his most famous passage: “To describe the beauties of this region, will, on some future occasion, be a very grateful...

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Emily Carr Research Essay 1

importantly, Emily felt homesick in this foreign land. So after spending about 14 months in France she returned to Victoria in 1911. As it turned out, Carr’s art wasn’t appreciated in the more traditional, strait-laced artistic world of Victoria and Vancouver. In the summer of 1912, Carr created a great amount of watercolor paintings using her new French style. Her work didn’t sell well, and she received lots of negative criticism. After that Carr almost gave up art, but her spirit changed as did her...

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Bhangra History

opened up to experiencing the Vancouver Bhangra Community. Bhangra is a folk dance that originated in Punjab but started in Vancouver during the 1970’s and usually was performed with half guys and half girls, however the girls were Caucasian. Also, in Vancouver around the same time when there were labor rights strikes the Dhol become really popular because it was used in the strikes to receive fair wages. The 70’s and 80’s were when the Bhangra scene in Vancouver was blossoming and creating an...

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Literature Review on Problem-Posing Pedagogy by Paulo Freire

neighborhood in Vancouver that was undergoing densification (Sarah, 2011). In Vancouver city, there has been an increase in human activities that accelerate climate change. The increase in emission of Green Houses Gases (GHG) in the environment has overwhelmed the lay citizens. People feel disempowered in dealing with the menace of climate change (Blanco 2009). To prevent further climate change deterioration, Paulos’ problem solving pedagogy has empowered the residents of Vancouver in dealing with...

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Identifying Community Resources for Mental Health

org/provides drug rehab for men only centers and rehab treatment for women only. After treatment the recommendation would be follow u support groups such as AA. This resource is funded by Alcoholics Anonymous by The Greater Vancouver Intergroup Society located at 3457 Kingsway Vancouver, B.C., V5R 5L5 and meeting times are located at on the internet at http://www.vancouveraa.ca/index.php?option=com_meetings&Itemid=37&task=show. Either treatment facility and aftercare with AA would be a good treatment...

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You Decide Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

the remaining year’s performances. An idea that may be worth discovering would be to enhance the existing cultural offering with that of an Asian inspiration. Vancouver British Columbia stands home of the largest population of Asian descendants in North America, with the largest Chinatown also. This is a comfortable culture in Vancouver, and has flexible revenue to expend. The one solid strength of this survey was that it did target the non-subscribers, and a possible new group of customers....

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Model Tok Presentation

Model ToK Oral Presentation Understanding the Vancouver Riots: a TOK analysis of the violence following the Stanley Cup Hockey Finals on June 15th, 2011 Objectives of ToK Oral Presentation —  Identify and explore a Knowledge Issue (KI) raised by a Real-life Situation (RLS) —  Show insightful thinking about KI, supporting ideas about knowledge claims, justifying thinking, making connections with ToK concepts —  Presentation should have two stages: —  an introduction and brief explanation...

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