Dealing with stress

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Module 02 Written Assignment - Dealing with Stress

HS260/HUS2540 Section 01 Community Psychology

Community psychology is the relationship between social systems and individual well-being in the community setting. Community psychologists are challenge with an assortment of social and mental health problems and research and interventions in both public and private community situations they aim to promote welfare. Community psychology ascended out of frustration with the medical professional’s tendency to localize mental health problems within an individual. Community psychologists are likely to understand dangers to mental health in the social environment, or in absence of fit between individuals and their environment. Not focusing on health issues rather than on individual illness and on improving individuals and community capabilities.
Stress is not an act or condition; it is the process by which we respond to stressful events. An important part of that process is our judgment of the event as threatening, challenging, or unimportant. Our evaluations help determine whether our response will be healthy feelings of energized and directed arousal or overwhelming feelings of distress.
Traditional psychotherapy allows an individual to prioritize life goals, and make personal changes needed to react to life stress more successfully. The comprehensive psychological method to stress results in important life changes that help and reduced stress symptoms. Psychologists may use relaxation and cognitive therapy techniques and traditional psychotherapy to assist individuals in managing their lives more effectively, consequently reducing life stress. Stress is not an action or condition; it is the process by which we respond to stressful dealings.

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