All Stressed Out

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58PsychSim 5: All Stressed Out


Name: Sarah BalesSection: ________________________

Date: 2-11-13

This activity examines the way that psychologists conceptualize stress, emphasizing that stress is a biopsycho-social process. You will explore the sources of stress in your own life, review your body’s response to stress, and then learn how cognitive appraisal dramatically affects how much stress you actually experience.

Checking the Level of Stress in Your Life
• What was your “Stress Test” score? _______30_____

• Do you think that such a test accurately captures your experience? What other stressors should be included?

I do not feel that it rates high enough on some aspects that are heavily weighing on a person’s chest. I think they should add an area for personal responsibilities and problems with children.

Stress, Stressors, and Coping
• Psychologists differentiate stressors, strain, and stress. What does each of these terms mean?

Stressors- an external event, situation, or other demand that triggers coping adjustments in a person. Strain- the outcome of stress such as loss of sleep, headaches, and lack of concentration. Stress- the process by which we perceive and respond to a certain event that we appraise as threatening or challenging.

The General Adaptation Syndrome
• Describe Selye’s general adaptation syndrome.

When something occurs that takes your body away from its original homeostasis state, into fear or rage, and then into exhaustion.

The Biology of Stress
• Although both men and women experience the fight-or-flight syndrome, some scientists argue that women also can experience stress...
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