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Customer service can come in so many forms and is in almost every business there is. Without customer service, then your company will be hard to manage and move forward. There are two types of customers; internal and external customers. With each of these types of customers, there is the ability to affect your company’s culture whether it is good or bad. Customer service is the way to understand where and how to take your company.

The definition of Customer Service is, “the process of satisfying the customer, relative to a product or service in whatever way the customer defines his or her need, and having that service delivered with efficiency, compassion, and sensitive.”(Gibson, 2012) Customer service is the service that you provide to the consumer of your product or service, whether it is face to face, over the phone, or through some sort of electronic communications; such as email or online chats. When it comes to customer service, there are many ways it can be obtained. In today’s society, customers can get information online through Facebook, Twitter, and many other online forums. This makes it a little bit more challenging for the business to make sure that they are providing the best of the best customer service to the customers. There are two types of customers that must be taken care of when it comes to customer service. Internal customers are your coworkers, or others that you work closely with such as; other departments or vendors that being supplies to your store or company. External customers are the consumers of the product or services that you provide. The best way to serve external and internal customers, as an employee, is to make sure that they feel important. If they need help, help them in every way possible. If another department or vendor needs you to help them do something be there to help to keep the work flow going as to not interrupt the...
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