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Customer Service is the employee's of an organisation, giving customers what they want. They need to provide the right products and the right service to all the customers and potential customers.

The organisation and its individuals provide products and services to meet the expectations of its customers. Customer Service applies to all types of customers, these include; individuals, groups, people from different cultures and people with specific needs.

Customer service is important to the organisation for the following reasons:

Effective customer service promotes:

* Customer Satisfaction

* Job satisfaction of staff

* Repeat Business

* Recommendations

* Increased Profits

* Safe and Secure Environment

Poor Customer Service leads to:

* Falling of sales

* Customer Complaints

* Low Staff morale

* Reduced Profits

For this assignment in Customer Service, the organisation I have chosen to study is Hollywood Bowl.

When I first arrived at Hollywood Bowl, my first impressions were that it was situated in a clean, bright area. The main sign was in very bold and bright colours

he Increasing role of Technology in Customer Service
Main concept
Of this statement is a 24/7 responsibility, and technology can assist in making it effective (we access technology that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) To say that technology has permeated almost every aspect of life in most developed countries would be an understatement. Computers are continually becoming smaller, more complex, and powerful; we have only started to see the impact that technology will have on shaping the future. Most business in the developed countries is technically depending in some form. Calculators, cash registers, maintenance equipment, telephones, radios, cellular phones, pagers, computer systems and handheld personal planners are typical examples of technology that we rely upon. We have become a 24/7 society and can communicate at any time and any place.  The Call Center or Help Desk

Main concept
Electronic commerce is a new and powerful way to employ technology to conduct business. The growing trend to reduce staff and costs, while maintaining or increasing service effectiveness, necessitates employing technology in addition to people. In the past, operations that used technology were seen as labor intensive and behind the scenes or “back office” functions. More power Corporate and organizational officers now recognize the potential of such as operations and are pumping billions of dollars into the development, maintenance, and improvement of call center operations. Call centers or help desks are more powerful and complicated than ever before. They also provide more functions than their rather ineffectual predecessors. The influence is so significant in terms of dollars that the way organizations do business using technology has been labeled electronic commerce (e- commerce). Types of Technology 

When the call arrived at the call center, a customer service representative would answer, and after obtaining various information, might be able to handle the customer’s situation. Today the representatives have a vast amount of technology at their disposal. Some of the typical systems found in call centers nowadays are described in the following sections: 1. Electronic mail (E-mail): This form of technology provides an inexpensive, rapid way of communicating with customers in writing worldwide .Electronic mail (e-mail) allows customers to access information via telephone and then, through prompting have the information delivered to them via e-mail. 2. Facsimile Machine (Fax): This machine allows graphics and text messages to be transported as electronic signals via telephone lines or from a personal computer equipped with a modem. Information can be sent anywhere in the world in minutes. 3. Internet call-back: An Internet call-back system allows someone browsing the Internet to click on words or phrases (e.g., Call me),...
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