Customer Relations in the Banking Industry

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Customer Pages: 3 (667 words) Published: June 8, 2010
Most businesses will tell you that quality customer service is the keystone to success.
Customer service is all around us. Most of us engage in customer Service activities of some type during our normal daily routines at Work. All of us encounter customer service when we go to the Store, call a company on the phone, or visit a business's web site. However, simply being exposed to customer service doesn't mean

you understand how to do it well or how to evaluate whether you

are receiving an acceptable level of customer service. The point of

this course is to help you understand what customer service is and

how to make it better whether you do it a for a living or deal with it

at a consumer-level. This proposal shows that good customer service is crucial to any business firm. It also elaborates on how customer service quality can be improved to help a firm

Customer service is vital to the ongoing success of a company. Customers needs, wants and attitudes change very quickly. It is important for companies to be continually changing and evaluating their customer service in order to meet these ever changing trends. Customer service is not merely customer relations or how nice frontline workers are to customers, rather, it is satisfying or even delighting customers; this should be the goal of excellent customer service. Customers for different types of services have different needs, customer service strategies will differ and must be tailored to the target customer. The major difference between the Ghanaian banking sector and the foreign banking sector is about customer consciousness and service concept. Overseas banking have a greater history in customer relationship management. As the banks in the West are under a relative competitive environment, they have accumulated substantial experience in the aspect of customer service. On the other hand, since the banking sector in Ghana has just opened to the market, some...
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