Customer Service in Business Today

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Customer Service in Business Today
Jennifer Thayer Everest Online July 19, 2013
Customer service in today’s business environment is offering customers products and services that will perform the way that they are promised to perform. It also means that a business can personalize the way that their customers experience will be when shopping with them. Customer service today also lets the customer and the business communicate with each other by the internet, email, and other various methods of communication. One final way that customer service works in today’s business environment is that the business will use the feedback that they get from their customers to improve their products. As an employee I would affect my company’s culture by making sure that I know about the decisions being made so that I can better understand what my role in the company is. I will try to make sure that there is some kind of communication between the employees and management so that company can run smoothly. One last thing that I would do is to make sure that all of the employees understand what their role is in the profit and loss of the business. This is so that we will feel as though we have some kind of ownership in the company. Some of the ways that I can successfully serve my internal customers is to see employees from other departments as my customers, share information with the other employees to help them get their job done successfully, and I will do what I can to make sure that the other employees as well as myself do whatever it takes to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations. To successfully serve my external customers I will make sure that I learn as much about them as I possibly can (example: buying habits, lifestyle, gender, and race). I will make sure...

References: Gibson (2012). The World of Customer Service 3rd Edition: Cengage Learning
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