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“Customer Service Back in the Day”
In this article, the author, Debra Barrow, talks about how customer service has changed from the good old days of full service gas stations and face to face communication to todays self-serve, pre-recorded society. Customers back then were fiercely loyal to your business when you gave them good service in virtually any type of businesses. She examines if the downturn in the economy has something to do with the lowering of the level of customer service or if it has just been happening for a while. The suggestions the author gives are very good and center on being empathetic to your customer. Making yourself or a representative available for face to face communication of issues and questions is also mentioned. She finishes with reminding us that competition is fierce customers have a wide choice of alternatives. The customer usually goes with the best value that they see. This does not dismiss the importance of customer service as people do remember those that treat them well. I feel that the article is very good despite being perhaps a little obvious. But that in itself is the problem. Much of what is talked about in the article is no longer obvious to many people and they are not mindful of the importance of giving or even receiving great customer service. As my career choice is in the information technology field, I can use the information presented in this article to make sure that I keep both internal and external customers happy and that in turn will not only keep me happy, but will make my job much more bearable. Ten years in customer service has taught me that while the customer may not always be right, the least that you can do is make sure that they come away from your interaction with a smile and feeling that their problem has been solved.

Work Cited
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Cited: Barrow, Debra. “Customer Service Back in the Day” CustomerServiceManager.
2012. Web. 29 Sept. 2014
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