Week 3 Customer Service

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Taisha McKinney
MAR 2305
What Do You Think Now?
Chapter 3, Page 53

1. What are sure-fire techniques for providing superior customer-service? The sure-fire techniques for providing superior customer-service are the mindset that defines each company’s culture. It is pervasive, visible to others, and everyone’s responsibility. It also requires organizations to keep the basic company functions in superior shape so that CSRs do not get bogged down with cleaning-up problems, correcting errors, or being on the defensive with customer. 2. What situations and practices might provide easy traps for inferior customer service? The situations and practices that might provide easy traps for inferior customer service would be customer service turnoffs. a) Value turnoffs: Value turnoffs include inadequate guarantees, a failure to meet quality expectations, and high prices relative to value perceived of the product or service. b) System turnoffs: Employees who lack the knowledge to answer customer questions and organizations that have just one person capable of fulfilling a key function are symptomatic of system failures. So are voicemail menus that are unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. Slow service, lack of delivery options, cluttered workplaces, unnecessary or repetitious paperwork requirements, and inadequate reordering processes are additional examples of system turnoffs. c) People turnoffs: Showing customers lack of courtesy or attention, using inappropriate or unprofessional behavior or language, and projecting an indifferent attitude. Any behavior that conveys a lack of appreciation, care, or consideration for the customer is a people turnoff. 3. How can you maximize a customer’s expectations and perceptions about the customer service your company provides? Customers with high expectations are sometimes referred to as tough demanding customers. This in turn can make a business or situation better. The...

References: Gibson, P. G. (2012). The world of customer service (3rd Ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.
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