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Topics: Sales, Customer service, Retailing Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Unit 29 – Understanding Retailing
Task 3 Understand the sales and service functions in retailing Key terms which needs to feature in your work:
Customer focus: customer satisfaction (new, repeat); collection and uses of customer information; uses of ICT in communication with customers; Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer service: customer service as an objective; advantages; problems; target marketing; identifying needs; customer service (pre-transaction, transaction, post-transaction); product offer, after-sales service; service quality; sales process, selling skills; sales support; sales techniques P3 – Explain how focussing on the customer, by providing good customer, is essential to retailing

General idea: Explain the key elements of customer service and discuss its importance. The key elements should be classified and discussed in terms of what happens before, during, and after purchase To achieve P3 in this task, your work should include the following topics: Explain into detail what customer service is and give various examples Explain such key terms as

Customer focus
Customer satisfaction
After sales service
How retailers collect and use customer information
Explain how Pre-Transaction, Transaction and Post Transaction fit into customer service. For P3, you will demonstrate how retailers relate to their customers. Customer service is highly formalised and demanding in some organisations, while others have a lower standard of service. You should identify organisational customer service policies and how these are applied at an operational (store) level. They should show how different organisations require different levels of service, and to meet this criterion they will need to understand the industry structure. After-sales service is significant in some retail sectors and the elements of this aspect of customer service should be identified. Similarly, a range of service and quality standards should be identified through store...
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