Curriculum Design

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The students will search the different
Subject Design
Discipline Design
Broad Fields Design
Correlation Design
Process Design

Types and Patterns of Curriculum Design
A. Subject- Centered
The Traditional Curriculum Patterns consist of the Subject curriculum, Correlated curriculum and Broad-Fields curriculum. The Subject Curriculum is an organization in which the school subject constitutes the basis for organizing the school experiences of learners. There is a multiplicity of subjects with content in each selected on the basic of logical arrangements, with little regard for the concerns of the learner, and with memorization of the text as the dominant method. The logical systems of knowledge arranged and systematized by subject specialists are utilized as the subject matter of learning. They are simplified and adapted to the abilities and interests of learners. The textbook is the indispensable tool around which the teaching is centered. Both the content and the learning experience to acquiring it are divided and organized by the logic of the respective subject areas. Part of the philosophy of the subject curriculum is that there is a hierarchy of priority among the subjects according to their value as mental discipline. The Correlated Curriculum is one that articulates and establishes relationships between two or more subjects on the basic of a topic or a theme, or teaching similar topics in two or more subjects simultaneously in an effort to help students gain a better understanding of such topics. For example, history and geography may be taught so as to reinforce each other. In this kind of curriculum, the traditional subjects are still present, but the time schedule is made flexible so that the teacher can increase or reduce time given to a subject or even omit it altogether when the needs and purposes demand. Under this organization just as many subjects are taught. The Broad-Fields Curriculum is essentially an effort...

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