Creative Product Promotion Bnd Level 3 Business

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Task 1
Introduction to the promotional mix
Every business will require the use of a promotional mix as without this you could have the best product at the best price but you will never generate any sales. Businesses need to make use of various above and below the line promotions to sell their products. (I have found a quote that backs up my views on the promotional mix and gives another basic insight for its implicational meaning) (The combination of personal selling, public relations, advertising, sales promotion, sponsorships, direct mail, and trade shows that are utilized in promoting a good or service. The appropriate mix is the combination that produces the best results for a given budget. Steven Sheridan, Business Promotion) Above the line advertising

This is advertising placed in TV, radio, newspaper and cinema and other media’s. This form of advertising is usually used by larger companies as it can be costly. Below the line advertising
This form of advertising is based around advertising via direct mail, sponsorship and sales promotion. This is generally very cheap advertising that is used mainly by smaller companies. However even multi national companies will use this style as it is still very successful and very cheap. Identification of my chosen companies

I will identify my two different companies as Burger King and Anderson and Wall motorcycles in Bridgwater. I have chosen these two companies as I currently work for Burger King meaning I am up to date with their promotional activity. I choose Anderson and Wall as I am good friends with the owner and he has agreed to talk me through the companies’ promotional mix and how it works. I also believe they would be a good comparison to Burger King as I can see the difference of a small businesses promotional mix to multi national companies. Burger King advertising techniques

Above the line promotions
Burger King Use the television to advertise their new products, this is probably the most efficient way of advertising a product as the television reaches massive target audience. However this form of advertising can be very costly meaning smaller businesses are unable to use this particular promotion.

You often hear Burger King Promotions on the radio advertising their new products. This is again a good way of advertising a product as it reaches out to a large target audience. However this isn’t as successful as you cannot see the product meaning customers make their own interpretations. Radio also expensive meaning some businesses are unable to afford it. Billboards

Burger king will also use billboards and posters to promote their products. This is generally a good form of advertising as you can show images of your product. Billboards are also relatively cheap compared to television or radio. Shown below are some examples of Burger King Billboards:

Newspaper promotions
Burger King will often promote their company in the newspaper by either offering vouchers or special offers to the reader. This is again a good form of promotion as it reaches out to a large target audience. This process could also be a below the line promotion depending on how they are advertising the company or product. Below the line promotions

Burger King uses various below the line forms of promotion as these are often very cheap but still very effective. I will look at some examples of these and look at their main advantages and disadvantages. In store Promotions

Burger king always advertise their above line deals in store in a below the line approach such as reminding the customers of deals with posters. This process is very successful as it can potentially make the customers spend more money and can remind customers of available products.

Global sponsorship
Burger King have recently sponsored Getafe football club in an attempt to help promote their name further in Europe. This style sponsorship is very expensive but is seen by a large target...
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