Developing Good Business Sense Paper

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Alex R. Petersen
Developing Good Business Sense
February 5, 2011

The three companies that I chose to do are one fast food restaurant, one department store, and one family restaurant. The fast food restaurant that I chose is Burger King. This is a very developed fast food chain through out the United States. For the department store I chose to look at Wal-Mart. For the family restaurant I decided to look at the Olive Garden to see how it runs.

There are many differences in operation when it comes to a restaurant to a department store. The input into these certain companies are very different. For a restaurants they do a lot of work behind the scenes doing ordering and inventorying to keep the products coming in and ready to be served. There is a lot of cooking, cleaning, and organizing that many people don’t see when they walk into a restaurant. For a fast-food restaurant such as Burger King it is almost the same with the ordering and inventorying. Many people have different task that involve different jobs. For Wal-Mart you see many employees stocking shelves, moving pallet, working in the deli, and cashiers. All these are part of the operating procedures for how Wal-Mart is operated. For many businesses this provides a service to the outside world. For companies like Wal-Mart, Burger Kings, and Olive Garden the type of operation that many of them follow are the operation of mass production. This is because these companies are a very large corporate companies. Even though there in store quality is outstanding many of the products produced are made in mass production in order to distribute the products all over the United States. Employees are organized in different ways due to the job that they are on. If I were a cashier I would have to have an organized cashier drawer and be organized about everything that goes in and out of the drawer. For a server in the Olive Garden has to be organized on greeting the table, getting drinks,...

References: Jones. 2007. Introduction to Business. How Companies Create Value. Chapter 12.
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