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Topics: Land Rover, Tata Motors, Jaguar Cars Pages: 6 (1998 words) Published: February 5, 2015
Controlled Assessment question:
“How might the business you have chosen improve the way that it motivates its staff?”

For my controlled assessment the business that I’m going to focus on is Jaguar Land Rover. I will be analysing how they motivate their employees based at their local production plant which is in castle Bromwich, Birmingham as this is also local to where I live. The ownership type for this business is a public limited company; which is run by Tata Motors. Jaguar Land Rovers headquarter is located in Whitley, Coventry. They employee 19,000 employees directly. Jaguar Land Rovers manufacture and sell vehicles. They have been in operation for 90years.

The term Motivation means something that is maybe offered in order to encourage someone to reach their goal. The term monetary methods of motivation means when the employer motivates an employee using a financial award. The term non-monetary methods of motivation means when the employer doesn’t motivate an employee using a financial award. Monetary Methods of Motivation

Non- Monetary Methods of Motivation
Higher pay-raise
Improved working conditions
Employee empowerment
Free food
Additional pay-bank holidays/over time
Free transport

Additional responsibilities

Company discounts

Training and development opportunities

Paid holidays

Company rewards

Dental and private medical care

Flexible working hours

Employee of the month

Praise and recognition

Flexible work environment-choosing to work in an area that the employee prefers

Improving work environment-kitchen, shower rooms

Offering employees facilities-laptop, IPad, work phones

Current Methods
Jaguar uses a mixture of monetary and non-monetary methods of motivation for their staff so that they perform to the best of their ability. The methods that I will be looking into are the extra pay for working 37 hours a week, a jaguar car for a weekend and rewards for good ideas. Extra pay

Jaguar Land Rover employees get £26 extra a week if they do the full 37 hour week. This is because employees are able to make more cars. This will cause Jaguar to then sell more cars, therefore earning more money. One advantage of this is that it will push the staff to compete against each other in a race to receive the reward. This will cause staff to apply themselves more at work to wreak the reward on offer. Therefore staff will be ready to work due to the benefit they could obtain. Another advantage of this is that it could encourage staff to work longer for no extra pay. This will cause the company getting more work out of their people for the same amount of money. Therefore as a consequence the company shall get more work done for the cost it normal takes to pay employees. One disadvantage of this is that staff may get to competitive. This will cause works to be too competitive in their place of work leading to conflict and confrontation. Therefore as a consequence of this staff members will not get along and lead to an unfriendly work environment, which could affect amount of teamwork at Jaguar Land Rover. Another disadvantage is that the employee with the car for the weekend may damage the car. This will cause the worker to feel as though they have done the company wrong and make the person feel guilty. Therefore as a consequence of this the company will have to try and rebuild the workers confidence as well as pay for the damaged car which shall cost them time and money. Jaguar car for the weekend

If employees have a good idea which the company then go on to use they are rewarded with a jaguar car for the weekend. Rewards
More over employees get rewarded for the ideas they give to the business this is because if the ideas are really good can save the business money for a whole year, causing more money to be saved therefore gain profit.

Suggested New Methods
Method 1: Free Food
Jaguar offering free food to their...
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