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Topics: Motivation, Employment, Frederick Herzberg Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: August 15, 2013
The SAS Institute: The Best Company to Work For
The SAS Institute is now known for being an ideal business with superb working conditions for employees and making a profit after its appearance and number one ranking on Forbe’s list of best companies to work for. The SAS Institute is the world’s largest privately held software company with the lowest employee turnover and countless benefits and privileges for working there. From free daycare to unlimited sick days, employees absolutely enjoy their work day more than the average does. While some companies would question the extreme care for employees, Joey Goodnight, CEO of the SAS Institute, sees it as the only way to run a business.

Frederick Herzberg created a two-factor model approach to motivation that can be used to test on any company. It lays out an area of satisfaction that is influenced by motivators such as achievement and recognition. It also entails an area of dissatisfaction that a company can reach by hygiene factors such as working conditions and pay. Using this model to evaluate the effectiveness of Joey Goodnight’s methods to motivate his employees is pretty simple, as it certainly seems as though the overwhelming majority of his employees are very satisfied. This is obvious alone through the low company employee turnover rate. All of the benefits offered by the SAS Institute help personal growth and keep employees happy and motivated to do good work to achieve goals. It is no surprise that the employees are happy with their jobs, as the turnover rate is so incredibly low in an industry that usually sports high ones, but they are obviously also motivated to take their jobs seriously and achieve goals since the company is so successful as well.

It seems that Goodnight uses a mixture of motivating theories to achieve his success, but the most prominent might be the equity theory. The equity theory states that focus is on individual’s perceptions of how fairly they are treated compared with...
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