Conduct Research Into Which Communication Support Services and Tools Are Available to You and Your Clients

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For the task, I would like you to conduct research into which communication support services and tools are available to you and your clients; I would like you to find 2 support services.


How accessible the service/tool is - what is the process for accessing the support?

What types of communication barriers this tool or service might help you to overcome?

The Jobcentre Plus is a one of many support services which we use at Amethyst and have been one of the better service for which we get many referrals to our centre. The Job Centre Plus primary provides a service for those attempting to find work and those requiring some sort of financial support due to lack of employment, illness-incapacity and to assist with living costs. A4E is another public Learning Provider like ourselves, serving thousands of individuals across the UK, A4E provides training, education and financial advice to each of their clients respectively. A4E also works alongside a wide network of employers and other Learning Providers such as Amethyst Learn direct whereby clients at A4E are referred on the basis that Amethyst can provide further training or skills development.

The Job Centre has a referral process put into place to help the clients either up skill in certain areas or learning new skills and qualification through ourselves. The referral process works by the Job Centre contacting us over the phone with potential clients and the area they are interested in, whether its bettering their skills or learning new skills that are booked on an appointment basis. The process of being referred is easily done by the client’s personal advisor identifying their needs or the individual themselves requesting advice on gaining or updating skills. A4E referral process involves us as an organisation liaising with them on a weekly basis to enable them as organisation to be aware of the different courses we offer and to have face-to-face discussion with potential learners....
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