Computer Architecture and Design

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From “Computer Organization and Architecture” book, by W. Stallings - 8th edition - Pearson


Review Questions

1.1. What, in general terms, is the distinction between computer organization and computer architecture?
Computer organization is how devices is implemented. Computer architecture is those atributes visible to the programer. Computer architecture refers to those attributes of a system visible to a programmer or, put another way, those attributes that have a direct impact on the logical execution of a program. Computer organization refers to the operational units and their interconnections that realize the architectural specifications. 1.2. What, in general terms, is the distinction between computer structure and computer function?

Structure is how devices are interrelated, while function is the individual characteristics of each one. • Structure: The way in which the components are interrelated • Function: The operation of each individual component as part of the structure 1.3. What are the four main functions of a computer?

Data movement, data storage, data processing and control.
• Data processing
• Data storage
• Data movement
• Control
1.4. List and briefly define the main structural components of a computer. CPU: known as processor as well, it’s the main computer component, responsible for the main functions of the computer; I/O: responsible for the comunication between the computer and the external world; system bus: responsible for the interconnection between data storate, CPU and I/O; data storage: device responsible for data saving. • Central processing unit (CPU): Controls the operation of the computer and performs its data processing functions; often simply referred to as processor. • Main memory: Stores data.

• I/O: Moves data between the computer and its external environment. • System interconnection: Some mechanism that provides for...
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