Assingment 1

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ITC6000-Assignment 1
1. File Structure
1.1. How many records does this file contain? 13 records
1.2. How many fields are there per record? 8 fields per record 1.3. What problem would you encounter if you tried to create a listing by last name? There are several records under same last name, so if they list by the last name same record will be stored unnecessarily.(Data redundancy) 1.4. What are field names? First, Last name, ID,Hours,GrossPay,Withholding,NetPay,PayDate 1.5. What other problems do you see?

2. Answer in paragraph form
2.1. A database system is made up of five major parts. Identify these parts. Provide specifics of what make up these components. A database system is made up of five components and they are Hardware, Software, People, Procedures and data. Hardware

Hardware refers to all of the physical electronic devices such as computers, storage devices, and network devices etc. Software
Software is the set of programs used to handle the database and to control and manage the overall computerized database. There are three types of software are included: Operating system software is what manages all the hardware components that make it possible to run on the computers. Example: Windows, Linux DBMS software manages the database within the database system. Example: SQL server Applications and utility software are used to access and use data in the DBMS and to manage the computer environment. Application programs developed in programming languages such as C++, Visual Basic that are used to access database in database management system. Utilities are the tools that helps to to manage the computer components such as anti-virus programs. People

People are the users who mange the databases and preform different operations on the databases in the system. There are five types of users: System administrators, database administrators, Database designers, system analysts and programmers, and End users.

Procedures refer...
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