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Effective Communication Skills
Effective communication skills are the key to your success because there are people everywhere! Our effective communication training webinars and tools will show you: | Advantages of effective communication|

| Effective communication in the workplace|
| Effective communication techniques|
| Four styles of communication (DISC)|
| Conflict resolution strategies|
| Communicating Using Email|
| Persuasion and sales strategies|
| Non verbal communication|
|  |
Effective Communication
Effective communication happens largely at an unconscious level... and that's why the most effective communicators of all time paid as much attention to how they were delivering their message as they did to the exact words that they were using. And that's why it's so easy for email to go horribly wrong. Don't get me wrong... words are critically important to getting your message through loud and clear, but the psychology behind them is more important. And that's why Maximum Advantage is dedicated to combining the latest advances in psychology and linguistics with time tested methods to give you a communication edge that some might consider to be "unfair" The Communication Process

 | The communication process is a six step cycle, and unfortunately the communication can break down or become confused at any step.Sometimes the message isn't even clear in our own brain, and yet we still expect others to know what we mean!Then the encoding, sending, and decoding phases all provide opportunities for errors and misunderstandings to crop into the process.In the fifth step, the receiver has to filter the message and decide what it means based on their own values, beliefs, filters, and memories.If any of these steps fails, the result is confusion, conflict, and frustration.| Effective Communication Video

Here's a short video that explains exactly how the effective communication process works. How To Communicate Effectively...
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