Communication Opinion Paper

Topics: Communication, Culture, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Communication Opinion Paper
Carol Foster
February 11, 2013

Communication is the most important tool that we as human us. It is an imperative component in our daily lives. Communication begins when we greet or see another individual that we know. There are many forms of communication and they are effective communication, healthcare communication, and regular communication and many more. The time and place in which we used a type of communication depends on the context of the situation and purpose. Understanding the necessary elements of communication allows individuals to know when and how to use different forms of communication. Elements of communication or sender/receiver when you are speaking to someone they receive the message and then they will give you feedback. Encoding is when you put thought into symbols (gesture or words). Assigning meaning to symbols is called decoding. Message is the idea though, feeling or opinion. Channel is the medium in which through which message travels from sender to receiver. Feedback is the receiver response to the message and indicates how the message is seen (Cheesebro, O’Connor, Rios, 2010). The entire basic element are needed in order to communicate with other effectively the basic element help you to convey your feeling your though with an individual in order to get feedback from the person that is receiving the message.

Do the basic elements and the rules of healthcare communication differ? They are the same in order for you to speak to a patient or their families you still have to us the basic element of effective communication. The ethical principles by treating patients with dignity and respect, being honest and trustworthy in their professional relationship, and maintaining patient confidentiality. We utilize the same element when we are speaking with an individual on a personal aspect. By being honest with the patient and their families they gain confide in the decision that...

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