Communication Competence

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Communication Effectiveness

Have you ever had to communicate important information to a diverse group of people you share unique working relationships with? Carrying the responsibility of managing the day to day operation of a fifty five million dollar medical Distribution Company forces me into communication instances which require care and precision for effective delivery. As an Operations Leader, I am responsible for delivering information to a large group of diverse individuals serving several different employment roles. Even though the audience is not responding audibly, as the presenter, I must communicate through a through a transactional communication model, meaning that, “I must communicate simultaneously with my employees on a personal level, and treat them as unique individuals , regardless of the context in which the interaction occurs” (Adler, Proctor, 2010, p. 18 ). In order to achieve this difficult communication task, I rely on a wide range of behaviors to pull from and the ability to choose the most appropriate behavior and skill at performing a wide range of communicating behaviors. Mastering the ability to choose, perform and apply communicating behaviors and patterns allows me as an operations branch manager to convey important processes, evaluations and company initiatives to the very diverse and individualized population of my employee audience. As described in the Business Communication Quarterly, “Companies that recognize the relationship between employee engagement and business success will seek ways to foster and facilitate workers an engage them with interpersonal communication training.” (Geraldine E. Eynes, 2012).

Communication Effectiveness 2
As an effective communicator, the behaviors I choose to channel my message through are as important as the message itself. I can choose to convey a message in a passive or aggressive tone, in an instruction or disciplinary manner or with empathy and consideration....

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