Communication Barriers

Topics: Communication, English language, English people Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Catherine (Zhang Huan)
RHET 106
John Knight
6 Oct. 2012
Communication bBarriers
Living in the USA is an interesting experience and also a tough time during my life. I lived in a friend of my mother’s home when I got prep America. It was so far away from my University that I needed to take the BART first and then take art bus to school. I felt excited when I first took the BART because I saw so many different racepl of people around me. It was just like I was dreaming that I’mvt living in prepAmerican movie, which I could only watchedwf on the TV before. However, I found out I havewf to face to a reality problem, the unfamiliar language. In the BART station, I didn’t know how to buy tickets and which car to take because of not knowing the meaning of the signs. And I tried to listen to the people talking around me but I found myselfww couldn’t understand them well either. I realized that I got into trouble ofww(prep + art) language. Language is always the basis of everything in a new place; so the most difficult problem of living in America is the language, especially in speaking and listening. (This is a much more exciting introduction!) Effective communication is significant for students during their student life. Communication helps us to make various friends. Professors might communicate all the essential information to us. We also require effective communication with classmates about our work for achieving the team goals. As an international student, (I need communication as a skill more than ever in order to get the equal opportunity in the university like native students. However, ever since I started studying English, I have noticed that how hard it is for non- English students to communicate effectively in English. Generally, communication is the process that accepts and produces messages between you and the person you talk with. Therefore, it is obvious that the problem of communication in English is that we cannot express our ideas correctly. Once...
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