Barriers to Effective Communication

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Barriers to effective communication

One to one interaction
A barrier to communication in my one to one interaction was Lauren’s tone of voice as it was rather quiet at times and I found it difficult to hear what she was saying, so I was repeating what I thought she had said to get further clarification from her to avoid a misunderstanding. If I didn’t correctly hear what Lauren had said but I acted upon it, I could make an error and upset her and cause her further confusion or distress.

It was hard to maintain communication because Lauren the patient’s state of mind, she was confused or disorientated, so I had to try extra hard to verbally communicate with her without distressing her. If I did not effectively communicate with Lauren she would not understand what was happening to her and she could have wondered off without receiving help or comfort.

A barrier to communication during my one to one interaction was pressure in the environment of doing the recorded project, it was at times hard to concentrate and to not giggle or laugh with nerves. This makes communication ineffective because concentration is lost.

Group interaction
A barrier to communication in our group interaction was noise, as members of the group at times spoke over one another which made it harder to hear what other people were saying about our topic. This could mean than we are missing valuable points that other people are making.

A barrier to communication in our group interaction was volume of voice, as a couple of speakers spoke quietly so it’s hard to hear what was said which means some things were repeated by others, this can frustrate people as they may feel they were not listened too during the group interaction or they have missed points of view by others because speaker was to quiet when being vocal.

A barrier to communication in our group interaction was ill health, as a member of our group was coughing quite loudly making it difficult for the person speaking to be heard, this could make people miss vital points of the discussion and make the person speaking lose concentration on what they were saying or listening too. This can also be irritating to people.

A barrier to communication in our group interaction was posture of some people as it gave off the impression that they were not paying attention or were not interested in the topic being spoken about. This can put other people off of interacting in the group and create misunderstanding amongst relationships of people working together.

A barrier to communication was slang, words were spoken incorrectly and other people who were actively listening may not understand the meaning of words used.

Strengths and weaknesses

One to one interaction
I led the discussion between the two of us for our one to one interaction.

I spoke with a friendly and calm tone to suit the situation of the one to one interaction.

I listened and responded to my partner in the one to one interaction, there was a couple of occasion where I was asked to do things such as provide a pillow or a cup of tea, and I did so. Therefore completing the request and effectively communicating.

I was able to move the discussion forward with my technique of questioning and gather information from the other person.

I used more than one form of communication to effectively communicate for example, verbal communication- spoken word, active listening, touch and contact, body language, facial expression, lip reading, posture, gesture, technological aids.

I spoke loud enough for the person I was interacting with to be able to clearly hear me, so that misunderstandings did not arise.

As my patient was elderly I repeated things that she said to me so that I was sure that she had enough time to think about the information that she was giving me was correct.

Lauren and I worked well together and there was a positive atmosphere as we felt comfortable around one another.

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