Communication And Relationships

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People communicate with one another for various reasons. To clarify and seek information, form relationships with one another and/or to gain an understanding of something. Each person is different and you will find that depending on the person’s ability to communicate depends on how they communicate. People also communicate in various ways such as verbal, non-verbal (sign language, body language, facial expressions) electronically or written.

Communication is an important part of everyday life, when communicating in the work place different professional boundaries and legislation (Data Protection act 1998) needs to be followed and met. All of which can affect relationships positively and negatively. Effective communication is extremely important to acquire information you need in relation to the service users in your care also to socialise and share experiences with each other, to give and receive information and instruction whichever way they feel comfortable.

Research conducted over a period of time revels people pay far more attention to facial expressions and the tone of your voice rather than the actual words spoken.

The research has shown that only 7% of words contributed to whether or not someone was liked, 38% was the tone of voice and 55% was the facial expression. Service users will often be aware of a contradiction between the carer’s facial expression and words spoken. The service user is almost certainly going to believe the carers facial expression than their words.

Communication is a great way to learn about different people especially in the care setting. By using effective communication skills you will be able to build a good relationship with the service users, their family, colleagues and outside agencies over time trust will be built and a good working relationship will be established.


Communication is crucial in the work setting how you communicate can affect your relationship with colleges, service users, their families and outside agencies for example, doctor or nurse. Communication and relationships are so very closely linked it’s difficult to deal with one without the other.

Building a good relationship with your service user can help in their care regardless of personal feelings it is important to remain professional yet friendly at all times. You can then build on the trust which in turn will help you be able to understand the service user and provide adequate care which they are happy and comfortable with. Through communication you can learn a lot about the individual. You will be able to find out about their past, likes, dislikes, determine their mood and if they are in pain or not.

Effective communication skills are essential in building trust between you and your colleagues again regardless of personal feelings it’s important you remain professional at all times. Effective communication promotes a stable and positive working environment. People generally feel positive when they communicate well with others. Good communication enables the needs of individuals to be met. When communication is used in an efficient way it will enable strong professional relationships to be built. The way in which we communicate can help us to gain the trust of others. Clear, soothing and genuine communication can help solve problems that may arise. When information is shared correctly between team members the service users can expect a high level of care to be delivered. Staff should communicate to each other through log books, verbal and written handovers. This helps staff deliver a better service to the service users. If staff are up to date with changes etc. that may have happened during their shift for example, if a service user has been verbally abusive to another resident then things need to be put in place for the next shift such as keeping the service users separated. If this information hasn’t been passed on there could be a potential safe guarding...
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