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Colonial New England and Chesapeake were two colonies with England settlers, these colonies were very different. New England economy was base on growing crops and livestock, unlike the Chesapeake who depended greatly on the king of England for economic support. The New England colony who came to the new world for religious freedom practiced Christianity. On the other hand Chesapeake colony was mostly from the Anglelican church who at the time were actually a ruling government and religion was not important. Although both colonies would later on be part of the slave trade for labor sources, New England would later in 1783 abolish slavery. These two colonies governments also differ greatly. Chesapeake government consisted of Lord del la wars martial law, which purpose was to create a community that would thrive and that would somehow create a stable community. As for The New England colonies, no laws were needed to create a thriving community. Colonial New England government was mainly that all had a voice. The people in New England did not need a government to scare the people. Some of the familiar patterns these two colonies shared were that both these colonies consisted of English immigrants. Also these two colonies would later on rely for African slaves for labor. These two colonies were both created by English settlers, but their reason for establishment was very different. The Chesapeake James Town colony was established in 1607 by the Virginia Company. The Chesapeake consisted of Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This colony main purpose was mainly to be a base for English settlers who would come to the New World. The people who settled in this colony came after wealth, and not in search of a new life. They mainly look into producing money, Chesapeake was a colony created for economic reasons. The settlers were all men; women would not be part of this colony until a much later time which was referred as “saving grace”. Chesapeake colony main...
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