New England and Chesapeake Comparison

Topics: Religion, Politics, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Settlement in the new world occurred for different reasons, which led to the development of two different societies. New Englanders attempted to create a religious Utopia while the members of the Chesapeake created their society based off of economic goals. People of English origin were the main settlers in the two regions even though they were two very distinct societies. They had major differences in ideas, values and settlement strategies, which were led, by stark difference in the economical, political and social dynamics of each civilization. These three aspects were part of the major differential in development that occurred.

From prior knowledge as well as use of the documents, one could see the large differences in the two societies politically. Politics is a major importance in any type of community; it could easily make or break it entirely. New England’s politics came mostly from religion and the ways of God, as seen in Document D. Political voice in communities was determined by religion, as in the leaders were picked by people with high ability in religion. Leaders were also ruled by divine right, meaning that the rulers gained all their power from God himself. Also, as long as there were churchgoers, the poor man was equally powerful as the rich man politically, changing society, as they knew it. As you can see, New Englanders believed very strongly in religion causing major differences politically compared to the Chesapeake region. From Document G you could see that in the Chesapeake region, the people looked at everything very differently. The rich were much more powerful than the poor because the poor didn’t own the land to make political change and land equaled power in this region. Also, rebellion of the government could’ve occurred easily because of the large amounts of slaves and indentured servants. Due to these negative aspects, Chesapeake created their political society differently than New England due to precautions and the idea of...
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