New England vs. Chesapeake: Different Concepts of the Colonists

Topics: Human migration, New England, Puritan Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: December 11, 2013

New England vs. Chesapeake
Both the New England and Chesapeake region were both settled largely by immigrants of English descent but evolved into two very explicit societies by the 1700s. A large distinction developed in the two contrasting regions, some of the benefits would lure settlers in and some negatives and cons would repel them into the other colonies. Through differences in political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, and artistic concepts of the colonists, a divergence separated the Chesapeake region from the New England settlements.

Different political concepts bolstered to create a disparity between the two sectors of settlement. The New England colonies had a much more democratic atmosphere compared to the aristocratic Chesapeake. The New England colonies held small town meetings while the Chesapeake was more far-flung. The Chesapeake was flooded with only county governments causing the small-town farmers to have complete under representation. The House of Burgesses also played a role in the political aspects of the Chesapeake. The House was a group of representatives appointed by the Virginia Company and were then elected from the colonist who inhabited the land.

Contrasting developments in the economies of the Chesapeake and New England territory also helped offbeat the two different regions. New England colonies were found on horrendous soil, ruining any possibility of farming. Due to the lack of farmland, the colonists started to raze the forests and developed a robust lumber industry. It had a plethora of trees, allowing it to provide different types of wood needed for different types of furniture. With the abundance of timber, shipbuilding also became a flourishing industry while whaling also played a role in the New England colonies. Contrary to the horrible farming conditions in the New England colonies, the Chesapeake region thrived in the agricultural industry. With tobacco becoming a staple crop, most of the...
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