New England Colony Vs Chesapeake Colony in the 1700's

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United States History DBQ During the 1700s, the regions of New England and the Chesapeake experienced dramatic changes and stimulated development due to the increase in immigration from Europe to this new world of the Americas. The immigrants that came to the New England colony differed in terms of reasons for coming and differences in ways of establishing a foundation for the society verses the Chesapeake colony. The differentiating motives, interactions between the natives, and the formation of the structure of society created the differences in development between these two distinct societies. Motivations for each group of immigrants coming to the New World created a huge distinction of differences that would arouse in these two colonies. Doc. A shows how the New England colony was created by the immigration of Puritans. They came with the mindset that they could create their own community with the unity upon one goal. That goal was the belief that they could choose whatever religion they wanted to believe in. The religion that they worshipped was Christianity which they would be persecuted if they worshipped it in England. Doc. D shows that the immigrants who came to the Chesapeake colony for different religious beliefs, a new political structure interest in finding gold, and family life. Single men populated the area and a social structure was created. A credit system was created to purchase land. And a motive to find gold and trading partners to create a profit for the Virginia Company. While motivations were a major factor to the creation and the distinction between these two societies, relations with the natives were a key point in deciding if and how each society survived. Throughout the colonies, natives and Englishman were always in interaction depending on the fighting over land or the need for help to survive. The Chesapeake colony created instant enemies with natives. Doc. G shows the Americans took the natives land that was not

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