Differences between New England and the Chesapeake Regions

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Differences Between New England and the Chesapeake regions
Although the English settled into both the Chesapeake and New England regions, they had formed into two completely opposite communities. Both regions came to America for different purposes. Whether the founders of this land was to make a profit, farm more land, or seek religious freedom, they did it to please their own intentions. There were many differences between the two regions, however two main places where they were opposites, were their lifestyle and their religion.

New England is composed of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The founders of this region were families with many children (Document B).They sought religious freedom and a place to worship how they wanted. To New England, religion was considered to be most important thing before anything else. They also had a strong participation towards religion. In the beginning of the formation of this region, many people referred to themselves as Puritans. New England farmed, but not to receive money. The land was not very good for farming, so they produced just enough crops to feed themselves and their family. Also, because New England wasn't a good place for farming, they didn't need slaves to do their field work. Since farming wasn't the way to receive their income, they had to find other ways to make money. Some jobs they had in New England were blacksmiths, whaling, fishing, and ship building. Blacksmiths made anything from locks to silverware. The items made were used to improve your home-life. Fishing and whaling were an efficient way to make money. They could catch enough sea-life to feed themselves and sell for money. Whaling also produced whale oil which was good for making soap and candles. The best way to fish was to have a boat, which led to ship building. Ship building was also used to sell to fisherman, traders, and even sold to England. Another big thing in New England, was education. Everyone wanted to...

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