Apush New England & Chesapeake Region

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Native Americans in the United States, Religion Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: August 1, 2012
Anjali Bhakta
APUSH New England & Chesapeake Region
Behrend. 2nd hour
July 31, 2012

New England and the Chesapeake Bay had both evolved into two distinct societies because of their physical and religious differences. Both of these areas had started off equally (population wise, etc.), everyone had equal rights and settling in many different areas of the region. New England started to look towards religious ways to live, while people in the Chesapeake Region started to reply on money and crops, along with goods and raw materials that were being traded back and forth. As settlement spread, the people of the many regions began to adapt themselves to their surroundings. Some of these settlements involved many explorers in search of new land.

There were many reason to why the Europeans had started to look westward. Before explorers found site of the America’s commerce and nationalism were two important and related changes that provided the first incentive for many Europeans to look towards new land (Brinkley, pg.9). There also happened to be a person in search of new land, not for settlement, but in dream of establishing a Christian Empire and in search of gold. This person is known as Prince Henry the Navigator. Although, the only reason he planned on establishing an empire in the western coast of Africa; only to receive aid when his country goes to war. But before Prince Henry could achieve his goal, he died. There also happened to be another person who wanted to make a permanent religion change. This man happened to be Pope Innocent VIII, who happened to be in charge of the Catholic Church. In the year or 1486, Pope Innocent VIII had signed a treaty with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain that Catholicism would be the only region of the new territories. After this was decided; it became a mission to convert all natives into Catholics (Brinkley, pg.15-16). Soon enough the religion was spread throughout New England. Once all natives and the...
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