Comparing Virgina Colony with the New England Colonies

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, Thirteen Colonies, Salem witch trials, Mortality rate, Colonialism / Pages: 3 (536 words) / Published: Sep 28th, 2010
In early America there were several colonies but the ones that stood out the most were the New England Colonies and the Virginia colony. There were many differences, for example, New England colonies were full of families while the Virginia colony was mostly dominated by males. They mostly had differences and had few things in common.

The foundations of the colonies were different. The New England colonies were founded because the founders wanted freedom of religion. The founders of these colonies were the Puritans. They came to this New World so they can build a society and win God’s favor not only economically but as wells as religiously. They wanted a government that would have God involved around it. Virginia in the other hand was one of the earliest settlements in the New World and was established by over 1,200 settlers. The Virginia colony was one of the first colonies to have elected legislature called the House of Burgesses. These people wanted to become economically wealthy.

These to colonies had different ways to make money. Virginia was a plantation based and cash crop oriented economy. Each plantation became a community unto itself. This led to the importation of slaves from Africa to work the land. The population was mostly black slaves and there were rarely women. Even though this colony made lots of profit they had no families. There were lots of diseases and there was a high mortality rate. In the other hand the New England colonies made money by fishing and ship building. They couldn’t use the soil to build plantations because the soil was unfertile and the weather was extreme. During the winter the weather was extremely cold and during the summer the heat was extremely hot. Unlike the Virginia colony this colony had lots of families. There was a high birth rate that contributed to that factor. Even though it was a populous colony there was whole lot diversity. They also had a less mortality rate and lived a longer life. They lived up to 70

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