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Topics: Educational psychology, Educational technology, Distance education Pages: 8 (2220 words) Published: March 29, 2005
Camille Lattimore
Feb. 7, 2005
In society we use many different devices to aid us with our everyday learning. We have come to know these devices to be educational technologies. This paper will focus on educational technologies and the impact that it has on our everyday society. Key points:

•I will address the question of what educational technology is. I will also be talking about what the different uses for educational technologies are. •Within my paper I will be discussing the recent and not so recent research for educational technologies. •I will also be discussing the difference between educational technology and technology in education and what makes these two things different. •I will also be addressing some important accomplishments that have been made in educational technologies. •I will discuss the connection between cognitive learning and educational technologies.

Vol. 11, No. 1, 2003

The Digital Divide (DD): A Reconceptualization for Educators Vernon Harper
California State University, San Bernardino, CA USA
The author attempts to elaborate upon the popularized notion of the digital divide (DD). Previously, the DD has been defined as a lack of access to information technology for specific groups. This "access DD," in the opinion of the author, is an incorrect conceptualization for educators. The author then explains why educators must redirect their attention and resources to solve the more nebulous "social DD." The notion of a digital divide (DD) has inspired the activity of government, business, and academia. Each of these communities carries differing sets of means, motives, and responsibilities; however, they generally agree that the DD must be bridged. The phrase "digital divide" is actually a distilled label for a relationship between the information haves and have-nots. As a metaphor, the phrase works well. Meaning that, the word "divide" signifies an information barrier between different groups. However, the problem with the metaphor is that it focuses too much attention upon the divide as opposed to the divided. Gilmore (2000) explained candidly, "lets stop pretending that we've solved all that much when we run some wiring through the crumbling walls of a public school…all we've done is install hardware, the easy part of the job." As currently conceptualized, the DD is a hardware problem. A problem solved when the barriers to access are removed. In contrast, a "social DD" incorporates the social, cognitive, and communicative barriers proven to affect technology perception and use. It is the aim of this essay to re-conceptualize the DD for educators away from a simple lack of access and toward the social, cognitive, and communicative factors that truly divide groups.

Telecommunications as a Context for Supporting Science Teachers Implementing Technology in the Classroom Eric Plotnick. Educational Technology, Research and Development. Washington: 2004.Vol. 52, Iss. 4; pg. 118, 2 pgs Author(s):Eric Plotnick

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Copyright Association for Educational Communications & Technology 2004 Implementing Technology in the Classroom
Telecommunications as a Context for Supporting Science Teachers Implementing Technology in the Classroom. Mary E. Hatton and Gerald Abegg. 1999. 20 pp. This study documents the type of support and professional growth science teachers gained as they implemented technologies from summer institutes. Teachers and staff maintained communication after the program through a telecommunications...
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