Digital Divide

Topics: Third World, Internet, Burkina Faso Pages: 7 (2472 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Unit 1 – The Information Age
The Digital Divide
The digital divide is the term used to describe the difference between in technology use and availability around the world, some factors which affect the digital divide are socioeconomic, geographical and the fear of technology. Sub affecting issues are things such as age, gender, religion, income, technology available and more. Within the digital divide there are the information ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ this creates an inequality around the world by giving different people of different background different opportunities in life. There have been many discussions of spreading information technology to all areas of the world; however there are many issues standing in the way some of these are electricity available, physical infrastructures such as roads and bridges, the economic state of the country and the knowledge of how to use technology. Factors causing the Digital Divide

C:\Users\4762.DFS\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ECKPVICJ\MC900441315[1].pngSocio comes from social and refer to a range of demographic and social circumstances, such as age, nationality & race, sex ratio, religion, culture, education and so on. Economic relates to the economic conditions, for example income, unemployment, interest rates, saving rates, taxes and so on. Socioeconomic is a factor which is the social and economic experiences that help shape a person’s personality, attitudes and lifestyle. The socioeconomic state of a person can define the extent of how the digital divide is affecting them; this is connected to their chances of access or the use of information and communication technology. The socioeconomic status (SES) of a person, area or even country can be defined by a multiple of variables, many of which are stated above; these can be altered at any point. When determining a particular SES all the variables must be accounted when reviewing a survey or research. Within the UK there is a wide range of religions which have regular attendance by a large amount of people. The top 6 religions in the UK are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism. Since the 2001 census there was a decrease in Christianity by 12.3% however all over religions had an increase or no change with the largest increase being Islam increasing 1.9%. Through the UK having such a variety of religions this opens the nation up to different people having different attitudes and values, changing the way they live they life. For example within the Islamic faith the Quran states that “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women” (4:34), this applies only in a marriage not in society, however by people living by this belief it may restrict the types of leisure or work an Islamic wife can take part in, decreasing her contact with technology in the world. For instance if it is believed a ‘man should maintain a woman’ many women may not work meaning they would not be using technology as much, such as computers or other specific work related technology. Another socioeconomic factor which affects people in the UK is the availability of technology, there are many technology stores but these seem to be on a decrease due to the increase of technology based websites which sell technology at a lower cost. For example in January 2013 HMV when into Administration, having to plan closures on all stores and the online stores. HMV sold products such as video games, films, music, technology, games and more. By HMV closing this would create fewer opportunities for the public without internet access to buy technology devices. However it would also create a break for a new store selling technology devices to enter the market but this store would be at the same risk of losing business to online stores. There many noticeable differences between developed countries and 3rd world countries, these range from cost of living and minimum wages, government and laws, and...
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