INF 103 week 5 final paper

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Microprocessor Pages: 9 (263 words) Published: November 25, 2014

The Digital Divide

Darlene Foster

INF103 Computer Literacy

Instructor: Aileen Cole


Digital Divide is the fact that some people have easy access to computer and all
the benefits that they provide, while many people are cut off from them because of

Poverty or living in underdeveloped countries or rural areas without internet

access (Bowles, 2013). In this paper I will discuss just what is digital divide and

how and who uses it. I will be discussing two Scholarly sources on this matter as

well as my own point of it.

Digital divide is a term that refers to the gap between demographics and
regions that have access to modern computer technology and those that don’t or
have restricted access. This can include the telephone, television, personal

computers and the internet. “The term ‘digital divide’ is used to cover a broad

rang of social differences in access to and use of digital equipment and service,

most notably personal computers and ability to access the internet in terms of

both physical connection and facility of use” (COLIN, 2013). The Digital Divide
is a line that separates those that have access to technologies such as computers

cell phones and internet, from those of us that do not have access or we have

limited access to such technology

Mark, D. Bowles, (2013), Introduction to Digital Literacy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education Inc. SPARKS, COLIN. (2013). WHAT IS THE “DIGITAL DIVIDE” AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT. Vol. 20 Issue 2, (p. 28). Retrieved from: web.a.…

Bowles, M.D. (2013). Introduction to Digital Literacy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education INC. Sec 4.6
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