The Digital Divide

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Digital divide: This is the gap between those who have computer and internet access and those who do not. This is also whether people are computer and technology literate or not and whether they have these facilities available to them.

Digital inclusion: This describes efforts made to help ensure everyone is able to understand and enjoy the use of computers and the internet and the attempts made to reduce the digital divide. Digital inclusion involves citizens being able to use online facilities and know how to use them etc

The digital divide is caused by many things. A main cause of the digital divide is income level and cost meaning that people with a lower income are disadvantaged in that they may not be able to afford a computer or the latest technology as well as the internet. The digital divide is also due to citizens in certain areas (e.g. urban) having more access to the Internet as opposed to other areas (e.g. rural). This is due to the amount of companies offering Internet connections both by phone and broadband in urban areas. Internet users tend to be younger, more educated, living in urban areas with a higher economic standing (income). So causes include: income, where you live which affects availability of facilities and education.

The effects of the digital divide are economic inequality, for example poor countries are deprived of internet access. Also no telephone communications means less security and criminal, health and other types of emergency can not be dealt with as easy. The digital divide also means some people are denied of vital information provided on the internet such as for career, civic, life and safety information. Also social welfare services which are offered electronically cannot benefit those without the technology. The digital divide has an effect on education as well since people who have no computer access cannot use it for learning or career purposes and cannot learn about computing or internet. This means...
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