Chapter 19

Topics: Risk assessment, Need, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 38 (12152 words) Published: April 21, 2015

Facilitate learning and
development activities to
meet individual needs and
preferences (HSC 3004)
Assessment of this unit
This unit introduces you to the knowledge and skills that are needed to support individuals to plan, take part in and evaluate learning and development activities. It focuses on the benefits of learning and development activities to individuals, the importance of identifying individual needs and the role of the practitioner in planning, preparing, facilitating and reviewing learning and development activities. You will need to:

1. Understand the role of learning and development activities in meeting individual needs.
2. Be able to identify learning and development activities to meet individual needs and preferences.
3. Be able to plan learning and development activities with individuals. 4. Be able to prepare for learning and development activities. 5. Be able to facilitate learning and development activities with individuals.

6. Be able to evaluate and review learning and development activities. The assessment of this unit is partly knowledge-based (things you need to know about) and partly competence-based (things you need to do in the real work environment). To complete this unit successfully, you will need to produce evidence of both your knowledge and your competence. The charts below and opposite outline what you need to know and do to meet each of the assessment criteria for the unit. Your tutor or assessor will help you to prepare for your assessment and the tasks suggested in the chapter that follows will help you to create the evidence that you need.



What you need to know


Describe the benefits to individuals of engaging in learning or development activities


Analyse the purpose of a range of learning or development activities in which individuals may participate


Explain how individual needs and preferences may influence how learning and development activities are accessed or delivered

Chapter 19


What you need to do


Support the individual to communicate their goals, needs and preferences about learning or development activities


Provide the individual and others with information on possible learning or development activities


Assess whether a tailor made activity may be more beneficial to an individual than other learning or development opportunities


Work with the individual and others to agree learning or development activities that will suit the individual


Describe factors that may affect the way a programme of learning or development activities is implemented and supported


Establish with the individual and others a plan for implementing the programme of activities


Assess risks in line with agreed ways of working


Obtain or prepare resources or equipment needed for the activity


Describe how resources or equipment might be adapted to meet the needs of an individual


Support the individual to prepare for an activity so as to minimise the risks and maximise their participation


Prepare the environment so that the activity can be carried out safely and effectively


Carry out agreed role in facilitating the activity


Support the individual to engage with the activity in a way that promotes active participation


Encourage the individual to give feedback about how the activity is implemented and the support provided


Make adjustments in response to feedback


Agree with the individual and others the process and criteria for evaluation of the activity and the support provided


Collate and present information for evaluation as agreed


Use agreed criteria to evaluate the activity with the individual and others


Make recommendations for any changes in the activity, its implementation or the support provided


Explain the importance of recognising...
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